Quick Update on VegasTech

It seems to me that recently VegasTech has evolved in a couple of ways. First, it’s clear that some of the key events have stabilized, for lack of a better term. What I mean here is that events like Vegas Jelly, LaunchUp, and Inspire are here to stay. That is, so long as the organizers can maintain the enthusiasm to keep them going, I see no reason why they would not continue. The Jelly, of course, is the easiest to organize and attend. Select a venue, let people know about it, and go. No tickets need to be sold, no one needs to commit to attending ahead of time, and no food needs to be ordered. (Of course, folks can pick up food, beverages, beers, etc. from The Beat as needed.) LaunchUp and Inspire are a bit more complicated, as a venue must be chosen, speakers lined up, and tickets sold (even if free, at least to get a head count). LaunchUp also supplies food, so some provision (and money) is needed for that. Either way, all of those events are well-established and have great attendance. I don’t have the official numbers on the LaunchUp event from earlier this week, but I would estimate there were about 120 people in attendance.

What I found interesting about this LaunchUp, in particular, was the number of new people in attendance. I’d say about 40% of the audience was attending their first VegasTech event, so the word is definitely continuing to get out to a new audience.

Finally, a quick check of the /usr/lib events calendar shows that there is an event there all but 4 weekdays this month. That’s right, there’s something to do (at just one venue) nearly every work day this month. That’s quite the choice and availability of things to do and shows again the growing strength of VegasTech.

I know a few other things are in the works, so this situation will only continue to get better. Keep it up, VegasTech.