Las Vegas Tech Startup Map

Brad Feld recently wrote a post about a CrunchBase Represent-map mashup that he was working on for any geography. You can check out the Represent.LA startup map to get an idea of what he might be working on. It’s a pretty cool mashup. Brad suggests that all startups update their CrunchBase info in order to be incorporated in the Startup Revolution startup map project that he’s working on.

A little more than a year ago, Rick and I started a Vegas Startup Company list on this site. The list kept growing, but then a group came together to provide a Vegas Tech company list on Rick and I decided to defer the list to that website. As of today, it has 109 companies listed. Unfortunately, both of these lists are really outdated. There are a lot more Vegas Tech companies than those listed. The challenge is that I think it takes a mix of good curation and crowd sourcing to be able to keep the list relatively current.

Just for reference, I thought I’d take a look at Crunchbase to see how many Vegas Tech companies were listed in Crunchbase. They only have 45 companies listed in their database. Something must be wrong, because I noticed that Tracky was in Crunchbase, but for some reason it didn’t show up on my Las Vegas location search. Plus, when I look at the list of Vegas Tech companies that Crunchbase does produce I only recognize a couple company names on the list.

What does all of this mean? The biggest conclusion is that keeping a list of startup companies up to date is a challenge. My next conclusion is that there are still hundreds of startup companies in Las Vegas that don’t know about Vegas Tech and are still working in their respective silos.

As I tell people. When Rick and I first met a little over a year ago, we knew of about 20 tech startup companies in Las Vegas. Plus, we assumed that they’re were probably at least 20 more out there that we didn’t know about. Now we know about somewhere around 200 tech startup companies in Las Vegas. It’s quite possible that there are another 200 out there that we don’t yet know about.

With that said, everyone in Vegas Tech should take Brad Feld’s advice and add their company to Crunchbase.