IdeaMensch to Conclude 48-state Entrepreneurial Road Tour with Las Vegas Tech Event

Since early July, IdeaMensch Founder Mario Schulzke has been leading an ambitious 48-state road trip across America (3 guys in a Honda Element), organizing at least one event in every state – about 50 events in 115 days. At every event, they invite successful local entrepreneurs give 10-15 minute talks about an idea they brought to life and how they did it. If TED is about great ideas, then IdeaMensch is about the “how” of bringing those ideas to life.

Schulzke started IdeaMensch out of a fascination with people who could take an idea and make it real. What started as an interview site has grown into a respected platform for entrepreneurs to tell their stories. Three years and 1,100 interviews later, he set out to prove that people were doing amazing things not just in Silcon Valley and New York City but all across America.

IdeaMensch events have had speakers ranging from tech CEO’s and internet millionaires to yoga studio owners and a pig farmer in Iowa. Each event aims to highlight local entrepreneurial ecosystems and leave audiences energized and inspired by their own communities.

The final event will be held in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 24th. Schulzke himself will be giving the final talk about how the road trip came to life and the lessons learned. Readers of Las Vegas Startups can save $5 off tickets using the code “vegasstartups” – get more information and tickets on the event page.