SXSW Launches New Event in Las Vegas Called SXSW V2V

Big news for the Las Vegas tech startup community just came out today that SXSW was doing its first event outside of Austin, TX in the beautiful Las Vegas. The event will be held August 11-14, 2013 at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Here’s the short description of the new SXSW V2V event:

Featuring four days of informative panels and workshops, inspirational speakers, intensive mentor and coaching programs, networking events and receptions, pitch competitions and startup showcases, SXSW V2V offers innovators and entrepreneurs across all creative industries a space to learn the skills, make the connections and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level. If you are involved in building an app, a service, a business, a brand or a community, then this event is for you.

As you can tell from the description, this is going to be a very startup focused event which fits in perfect with what’s happening with startup companies in Las Vegas. I see this event as being an amazing opportunity to launch a new startup, receive mentoring as a startup company and to network with other startup companies.

SXSW made the great decision to hold SXSW V2V at The Cosmopolitan. The Cosmo is a perfect match for the startup lifestyle. It hosts a generally younger crowd and a really swanky design that will nicely compliment the SXSW V2V event. Plus, Cosmo is small enough that there will be a lot of opportunities for those attending the event to meet people in the elevators, at the bar, and on the dance floor of Marquee Nighclub (which I can say is amazing). I imagine many will also make their way to Downtown Las Vegas to enjoy some of what Tony Hsieh and The Downtown Project are doing.

In my post yesterday about Sequoia Capital funding Vegas Tech startup company Romotive, I talked about the Silicon Valley VCs funding companies in Las Vegas. This is another example of why Las Vegas is a great location to do a startup company. Certainly we don’t have as many venture capital firms in Las Vegas as many other places around the country. However, I bet it’s pretty rare for a venture capital company to go more than about 6 months between trips to Las Vegas.

Between behemoth conferences like CES and startup focused conferences like the new SXSW V2V, Las Vegas startup companies have plenty of opportunities to meet with VCs in Las Vegas. Mark Suster recently wrote about Brad Feld’s book Startup Communities. In his post, his third pillar of a successful startup community is “Killer Events.” Las Vegas has these in spades and SXSW V2V is the latest amazing addition to the Vegas Tech community.