Interview with Total Social Solutions’ Chris Hall

I’ve wanted to do some interviews of various startup companies in Las Vegas for a while, and I finally found the time to do it. I hope to post interviews with the wide variety of tech startup companies that exist in Las Vegas as time progresses. To start it off, I asked Chris Hall from Total Social Solutions if he was up for an interview. He and his partner Jake are killing it as entrepreneurs and have created a really successful business.

Tell us a little more about Total Social Solutions (TSS) and the TSS team.
Total Social Solutions is the first full-service social media marketing agency dedicated to increasing the measured value of every patient relationship through more effective and more efficient social media marketing.

How long have you been in Las Vegas?
TSS incorporated in 2011 (so we are approaching our 2nd calendar year), but our roots go back much further. The idea for TSS really started in 2010, when my co-founder, Jake Laban, started his own medical aesthetics clinic. In just 2 years it was the highest-volume BOTOX clinic in hyper-competitive Santa Monica. All of this success came from social media marketing.

How many users/customers do you have?
We have somewhere between 50 and 75 brands under management right now. We purposefully keep this number low by carefully selecting the clients that we work with so that we give our partner/clients the best opportunity for the success that they deserve.

What makes Total Social Solutions different than your competitors?
We have two not-so-secret weapons in our fight for good marketing.

The first is a solid medical aesthetics background. Jake brings with him more than 15 years marketing uber-successful brands for Allergan and Johnson & Johnson. We’re working with sales and marketing teams from major medical aesthetic companies; and we’re constantly collaborating with them to help bring best-practices marketing strategies to our clients. This background provides valuable perspective when marketing on behalf of our clients.

Our second weapon (and the one that keeps our clients happy) is a focus on measurable success. Everything we do is focused on generating appointments or new patients for our clients. We are intent on delivering a measured, provable positive ROI for every client we work with.

What are your plans to expand your business?
We’re always interested in meeting new clients, it’s been our favorite way to expand!

In addition, we have just released our first mobile app for the iPhone for medical aesthetics clinics. It’s designed to make connecting with patients even easier, and to drive more short-term appointment-making.

We further have an email marketing solution that we are delivering as well. You’ll see a push along this front soon.

How’d you first learn about the Vegas Tech Community?
Primarily through friends I’ve met around the valley several years ago. It’s amazing to see how things have grown… when I first heard about it, the community felt tentative and new. Today, it feels like an established part of Las Vegas.

What do you like most about the Vegas Tech community?
The Vegas Tech community is deliberately cultivating a culture dedicated to spawning new ideas and helping people make them a reality. That could be the meaning of life.

What’s your best advice for other startup entrepreneurs?
In spite of all the advances we’ve made, the customer stubbornly persists in always being right.

Learn to recognize where your customers find value. If you’re not sure, ask. Knowing that answer often makes hard decisions easier.

In what ways can the Vegas Tech community support Total Social Solutions?
I’d like to see a way to better collaborate with the convention-management business for startup company promotion. The world beats a path to our door in Las Vegas every day; I’d like to find a better way to capitalize on it.

Just like all good ideas, this probably already exists. I’ll buy lunch for the first person who is willing to explain how it works to me.

And we’re also hiring, so if you know any people good with social media we’d love to talk with them.