Interview with IntelliTalent Founder, Jamie Amaral

The following is an interview with the founder of newly launched Vegas Startup company, IntelliTalent, Jamie Amaral.

Tell us more about IntelliTalent.

We are a recruiter-owned company formed as an antidote to the general dissatisfaction of the recruitment industry overall.

Powered by both technology and human researchers, our revolutionary new online recruitment service is a comprehensive candidate sourcing solution – on steroids! It’s incredibly cost-effective and timely, with plans as low as $1589 per vacancy and no additional per-hire fees.

We leverage an expert research team and disciplined sourcing techniques to help our clients identify top talent, providing them with highly accurate active and passive candidate resumes – fast.

Why did you choose Las Vegas as the home of IntelliTalent?

Well, it started because the taxes are less! guess we had a certain degree of subconscious foresight because now that we are involved in the Las Vegas startup community, we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

At what point should someone in the Vegas Tech community consider using IntelliTalent to find employees?

We believe in the startup community – we even offer a startup discount package.

The thing is, the time, resources and expertise required to identify and screen resumes internally is daunting and costly, and the price tag of a traditional recruitment agency simply cannot be justified for 95% of open vacancies.

We created IntelliTalent because we wanted to level the talent acquisition playing field for small and mid size companies. Our service will empower the Vegas Tech community with access to the right talent (which is also today’s greatest corporate resource).

So, to answer your question – if you are tired of paying hefty agency fees, struggling with your in-house recruitment efforts, overwhelmed by all of the work and frustrated by your lack of results…CALL US!

How does the cost of your service compare with other hiring services out there?

Our clients are saving an average of 90% in recruitment agency fees. Although with our service, they do have to do some of the leg work themselves – like scheduling interviews, negotiating with candidates, etc.

In addition, if you add up the job board fees and hours of resume filtering and Boolean searching, we are also less expensive and less time consuming than if you try to fill the role in-house. It’s a no-brainer.

Simply put, IntelliTalent is the Legal Zoom of the recruitment industry. We give you access to top talent without paying top dollar so you can focus on growing your company and on doing your job.

What’s the biggest challenge you face with IntelliTalent?

Our challenge lies in educating companies on what is possible. The recruitment industry is a guild model – our goal is to pull back the curtain and bring the industry up-to-date with a solution that clearly makes more sense. Although our service is more cost effective, less time consuming and gives you enhanced control over your recruitment process, overcoming resistance to change remains our greatest challenge. There is a saying, “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM…”

Tell us more about the IntelliTalent team.

Our team is made up of a passionate group of recruiters, researchers, account managers, technologists and industry partners committed to redefining the recruitment industry by offering the most innovative and effective solution in the marketplace.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen happening in the Vegas Tech community?

It’s all exciting! The movement Tony is facilitating with the Downtown Project is tremendous. There is an undeniable buzz in the air that we hope to contribute to on some level.

What’s your advice for startup entrepreneurs?

Do the thing you cannot not do; follow your next highest excitement; let fun and easy be your guide. And trust that they will not lead you astray!

How can the Vegas Tech community support IntelliTalent?

We feel so loved and supported already. Let us help you!