SXSW Vegas Tech Wrap Up

I know that I posted a quick post about Vegas Tech at SXSW. Certainly it highlighted some of the really cool things that happened at SXSW including the breakout Vegas Tech star, Ethan Duggan. Plus, as I say in the post, I think much of the Vegas Tech bonding that happened will prove to be the most valuable. I still think that’s the case, but as I’ve recovered from a crazy couple weeks of travel and conference attendance I think that Vegas Tech did much more at SXSW than we can really calculate.

I started to consider all of the things that weren’t reported or part of the formal VegasTech at SXSW initiative. Take for example Michael Terpin’s Startup Debut at SXSW. Michael and Social Radius have been doing business in Las Vegas for quite a while and been part of SXSW since 1996. I imagine many in the Vegas startup community barely even knew what he was doing at SXSW, but he was there.

I also love David Anderson and OpenFire. He and his partner were at SXSW with no ticket to the show, but they were hustling. They made friends with a coffee shop owner and started a meetup for others to come and co-work. Between that and the other events they attended think about how many people likely learned about Vegas Tech from them.

Another example is master networker Jimmy Jacobson of Wedgies. I know he was at SXSW, but only saw him for about 5 minutes in Austin. If you followed his Twitter stream you’d know that he was all over SXSW doing what he does best, meeting people and connecting with them. I can’t imagine the hundreds of people that learned what’s happening in #VegasTech from him during SXSW.

I also saw Sarah Austin from Pop17 quite a few times in Austin (She hasn’t quite bought her place in Vegas, but she should soon). She did her own startup pitch event, did a magazine signing, attended a Bravo taping, played a concert with her band, and certainly much more than I know about.

I could go on and on. The point is that there were hundreds of people from Las Vegas attending SXSW that were meeting people, connecting with people, partying with people, and so the effect is much greater than anything we can count in number of tweets, #vegastech booth traffic, or party attendance (as cool as it was to have Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WordPress at the party).

The Vegas Tech community did great at SXSW to make a lot of people ask, what’s happening with Las Vegas Startups? We still have a lot of challenges ahead of us as a community, but I expect many people that make up the future of Vegas Tech will be able to draw a line back to SXSW 2013.