Catching Up With Tabeso

I recently had an email exchange with Chad Ramos from Tabeso and thought it would be fun to do a quick email interview to catch up with him and the team at Tabeso. I know Tabeso had been working really hard and so I wanted to get an update on their progress. Plus, I was pretty sure that many who read this site hadn’t yet heard of Tabeso. I hope you enjoy the following 3 questions with Chad Ramos from Tabeso.

Chad Ramos - Tabeso - Gold Spike

1. What’s Tabeso and what features make it a must use app for Vegas Tech?

What we’ve created is the most engaging and interactive platform ever built for listing & discovering events around you (or in any city that you’re traveling to). We have both proactive and reactive ways of getting you that data. You can search for venues and organizations and follow them, which will fill your stream with quality events that are most likely relevant to you. Or you can simply search on a radius based search for events that are taking place up to 100 miles around you. There is also an activity stream where you can see all the events your friends are sharing. And then there are lists, like the #VegasTech page where it lists events happening all over the city that are relevant to us.

2. What are some of the numbers behind Tabeso since you launched the application?

Right now we are in a Public Beta. We’ve launched and are in the app store (since March) but we’ve taken the feedback we’ve received from users and clients and are working on the version that we consider our true public version due in late summer. We have 2.5 million events in the system right now and that number is growing every day. We have about 17,000 users at this moment, with a pace to be at about 30,000 once we hit our 2.0 in late summer. We have 5,000 YouTube subscribers with 300k video views. We have some very special partnerships, endorsements and other announcements we’ll be making over the next few months that will coincide with our public launch. We’re pretty stoked.

3. What’s the goal of Tabeso 3 years from now?

We want to be THE source for events happening around the world. We are not only creating an app that users find useful, we are teaming up with massive brands, universities and government entities to build a software that works for them to publish their events onto one mobile-ready database. Unlike most other event apps, we haven’t compromised user experience for data, so you’ll find just as many free local events as you will large concerts & sporting events.

Thanks Chad and Tabeso for the interview. If you haven’t seen Tabeso, check it out and also watch their most recent YouTube video “Be a FUN Family“. Word on the street is that next month they’ll be opening their portal so that any venue or organization can create their own page on Tabeso and publish their events for the world to discover.