Sign Up for Free Pass to CES 2014

The free signup for the CES conference has just been opened. It’s free to sign up and attend through August 31st. It’s an industry only event, but if you’re reading this blog then you’re most likely part of the industry.

It’s amazing to have an event like CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in our own backyard. It’s amazing how many amazing tech people it brings to Las Vegas along with startup companies from all over the world. I think CES is one of the best ways to take a broad look at what’s happening with technology. It’s a little hard to consume, but it’s a great place to browse and see what’s happening across a wide variety of consumer technology.

If you’ve never been, sign up for the free pass today and put it on your calendar for January. Spend a day enjoying the CES circus. You never know who you’re going to meet and what you’re going to see that will inspire you.