Effortless Office – Vegas Startup Profile

Ever since we started VegasStartups.com, we’ve been adding to our list of Las Vegas startup companies. While not comprehensive, it’s getting pretty close (if your company is missing, let us know on our contact us page). Along with companies contacting us to be added to this list, they also often ask about how their company can be featured on our site. Rick and I are both busy with our own jobs and startup efforts, and so we often don’t have the time to do a full on feature of a company despite our desire to do so.

This recently happened to me again when a company called Effortless Office contacted us. After thinking about my lack of time, a lightbulb went off. “What if I create a generic Startup Profile?” Basically a list of questions that any Vegas startup company could answer and would introduce readers of this to a new Vegas Startup company.

That long winded intro aside, here’s the first Vegas Startup profile of Effortless Office as answered by Corbin Bridge:
Effortless Office
Tell us about your company
Effortless Office (EO) provides a virtual desktop solution and helps migrate companies to the cloud.  Our technology allows users to access their desktops from any location on almost any device. Our pricing model involves a fixed month to month fee to help users eliminate variable IT costs, allowing for easier budgeting. We also provide 24/7 tech support.  By moving a client’s desktop to the cloud, we eliminate the need for them to keep servers at their offices.  This provides greater security for our clients as our servers are housed at the Switch facility. Included in our services are anti-virus and spam monitoring. Finally, by utilizing a thin client we are able to eliminate the need for PC’s throughout an office. This helps reduce hardware costs and the thin client utilizes roughly 80% less power than a PC!

Tell us about your team
We have a small, yet diverse team!  Our owner, Ben Gayheart, has a degree in Engineering and has shaped the vision for EO.  Previously, Ben developed and ran Ascent Solutions which served the Las Vegas community for over 10 years!  We have a dedicated and passionate programming and tech support team with many years of experience in the technology industry.

Why did you choose Las Vegas?  What do you love about Las Vegas?
Before we were EO we were Ascent Solutions.  We proudly served the Las Vegas community, both on the strip and local businesses, for over 10 years.  When we rebranded as EO, we decided to stay in Las Vegas to continue operating in this great community! We love the energy here in Vegas. The people, the companies, the emerging tech startup scene! All these factors provide an excellent work environment.

What can the Las Vegas community do to help your company?
Visit our website and contact us with questions.  Ultimately, we would like to convert every site visitor into a user.  We are able to provide demo accounts if clients would like to experience how we work before purchasing our services.

What’s your best advice for startup entrepreneurs?
Results do not come from inaction or from luck.  Define your goal and go to work.  Mistakes are learning opportunities. Every successful entrepreneur has made them and learned from them and developed a better company because of them.

Where can we find out more about your company?  What’s your twitter handle?
You can find more information at our website www.effortlessoffice.com or visit us on twitter at @EOcloud.  You can also contact Corbin Bridge at cbridge@effortlessoffice.com for additional questions and to inquire about utilizing our services.

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