Vegas Startup Company Profile: DevPoint Labs

The following is a short company profile interview with Ty Diamse, co-founder of DevPoint Labs. If you’d like your vegas startup company profiled, drop us a note on our contact us page.

Tell us about your company

DevPoint Labs is an 11 week coding and entrepreneur bootcamp. The best way to learn how to code starts by really committing yourself. Next it helps to attend an in-person classroom with other like-minded individuals getting your hands dirty and building that “muscle memory.” We teach anyone how to program in Ruby on Rails or iOS development so you can build your own idea, launch a new career, or simply become a technical founder. The program is eight hours a day, five days a week, for eleven weeks. We hold four quarters in the year and our next class begins February 3rd, 2014.

Tell us about your team

Nhi Doan and I (Ty Diamse) are the co-founders of DevPoint Labs. Since becoming friends in high school we have worked on multiple startups together that taught us each valuable lessons. Nhi has over nine years of experience in tech ranging from web development, systems, data and networking. He is currently wrapping up his Master’s in Information Systems Management at the U of U David Eccles School of Business. Entrepreneurship is my passion and I have studied it since my early teens. I am proud Alumni from The Starter League in Chicago where I learned how to code and developed most of my web programming expertise. I also have over five years experience in project management with the DoD.

Why did you choose Las Vegas? What do you love about Las Vegas?

Las Vegas was an easy decision because it’s close to our Salt Lake City campus and the VegasTech scene is vibrant and growing at an alarming rate. We believe our startup fits and compliments the VegasTech community very well. It’s no secret that Las Vegas is the nation’s playground which is a huge draw and that makes our code school that much more attractive to students around the world.

I love the culture and tight knit community in Vegas. The problem in Salt Lake City is they’re not very collaborative. We’ve seen the exact opposite in the VegasTech community. This is a huge benefit to any startup beginning or relocating to Vegas.

What can the Las Vegas community do to help your company?

We need help in three areas. 1) If you or you know someone interested in accelerating their coding education then tell them about us. 2) We’re always looking for junior to senior level mentors to help out. They generally meet once a week with our students to help with any questions. 3) If you’re a company that’s looking to hire any developers then please come talk to us. We’d love bring you on as a hiring partner.

What’s your best advice for startup entrepreneurs?

Get out and talk to your customers. You will learn a lot more then you think and save a lot of time and money.

Where can we find out more about your company? What’s your twitter handle?

Go to our site at Find us on Twitter @DevPointLabs