Vegas Startup Company Profile: Madrivo

The following is a short company profile interview with Alice Edwards from Madrivo. If you’d like your vegas startup company profiled, drop us a note on our contact us page.

Tell us about your company.

Madrivo is an integrated marketing agency that helps companies acquire customers digitally and establish the most cost effective online presence.

In the constantly evolving and incredibly fast-paced digital era, Madrivo is an integrated online marketing agency that develops efficient marketing solutions, unifies customer acquisition strategies, and develops tactics to successfully move traditional operations to the Internet.

Tell us about your team.

The team at Madrivo guides companies, large and small, globally, to establish a strategic online identity. Team members go through an intensive training process to help clients understand the ROI and analytics of ad spends. After all, effective advertising is all about research, analysis, and education. Each client has unique goals, needs, and processes and before the development of a comprehensive digital strategy, each customer is provided with a proprietary marketing study.

Why did you choose Las Vegas? What do you love about Las Vegas?

Several of the major global online marketing and electronics conventions are held in Las Vegas, which makes it a great place to have a corporate headquarters. Clients love to come to Las Vegas to visit the office and team members are given the access to great restaurants, shows, hotels, and nightlife as well as affordable housing within a reasonable commute. Also, we have access to everything from boating to skiing within a few hour (or less) drive.

Online marketing is all about creativity and fun. Las Vegas has a reputation that melds well with both those concepts. Marketing agencies were formerly solely located in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Increasingly, clients also look to Las Vegas for marketing creativity and execution. The city is becoming an incubator for small and medium sized marketing companies, especially those with innovative ideas.

What can the Las Vegas community do to help your company?

Madrivo relies on highly skilled staff in a variety of sectors including graphic design, web development, business development, and sales. The Downtown Project, new developments, cutting-edge hotels and nightclubs all feed the community to provide creative resources in Las Vegas. As Las Vegas continues to attract these people and businesses, it will continue to help Madrivo tap into the abundance of creative and motivated individuals that are moving to Las Vegas, which helps local companies like ours compete globally in online media and agency services.

What’s your best advice for startup entrepreneurs?

Assess your target market. Before even opening the doors of a new business, talk to potential customers and have clients ready the moment that doors are open for business. This will enable quick profitability, guarantee cash flow, and ensure that the business model is viable. In addition, clients are generally the best motivation for evolution. Access to thriving new businesses drives innovation and Las Vegas has no shortage of unique ideas and opportunities.