#VegasTech merger — separate companies no longer “a thing”

As everyone knows, the #VegasTech community has always been tightly connected and integrated. Some of you may remember SXSW 2013, where the #VegasTech community attended as a unified group, showcasing both the overall community as well as some individual companies.

This year, I’m pleased to announce that the numerous companies that make up #VegasTech have agreed to a 273-way merger. A merger of this size has never been contemplated before in the history of the modern corporation, so chalk up another first for #VegasTech. Although the list is too long to name every single company, that’s thankfully no longer necessary. In short, what has happened is that every single tech startup within a 50 mile radius of downtown Las Vegas has agreed to be called, in the future, simply #VegasTech (yes, with the hashtag). No longer will you have to remember the name of the individual company, you’ll just be able to go to the vegastech.com website and view all of the offerings in one place.

When John and I started this blog four years ago, our goal was to create a list of every Vegas startup. Fortunately, the aforementioned merger now makes this task trivial. There is now one tech startup in Las Vegas, and its name is #VegasTech.