CES 2016 Registration Opens – CES Is No Longer Free (Unless You’ve Attended the Last 2 Years)

UPDATE: Check out this post for CES 2017 registration details.

One of the great advantages of being a startup company in Las Vegas is that most of the major conferences eventually come through Vegas. Or as in the case of CES, they’ve made Las Vegas their permanent home. Each year I’ve posted when CES has opened their free registration. You have to be a member of the industry, but if you read this blog, there’s a 99% chance that you’re part of the industry.

Unfortunately, this year CES just opened up their CES 2016 registration, but it’s no longer free to register. It’s now $100 to register unless you’ve attended the past two CES, are a member of the media, or a member of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) that registers before September 30th. Here’s the full details on the new CES registration pricing:

  • CTA is implementing a $100 advanced fee for all registrants beginning July 8 when registration launches.
  • CTA is providing our loyal alumni who attended the 2014 or 2015 CES with a 30-day window of complimentary registration before the $100 fee goes into effect for this audience.
  • Registration for qualified media will remain free of charge.
  • Registration fees will increase to $300 beginning December 21 through the 2016 CES. This move is to encourage more registrants to sign up prior to December 21 to allow CTA ample time to verify credentials for those who register after that date.

CES also announced that they’ll be capping the registrations this year at 176,000 (comparable to last year’s attendance) to ensure a quality experience for those that attend. I think these are all good moves by CES. A few less crowded halls is a good thing.

As a Las Vegas startup company, $100 to attend CES is not a big change. If you can’t get $100 of value out of attending CES, then you should stay far away. Plus, there are a lot of events that happen during CES which don’t require a CES registration. So, even if you don’t attend, you can still benefit from 176,000 people visiting Las Vegas.