Special TechDebut Discount for Las Vegas Tech Companies During CES

I’ve talked many times before about how lucky we are to have CES in Las Vegas every year. Whether you’re attending the official International CES show or not, there’s still a huge opportunity as a startup company in Las Vegas to get exposure during CES and to meet a lot of amazing people.

For those who haven’t been to CES before, it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll be coming out with a full list of activities you can attend during CES in the future. Until then, I wanted to point out a great discount that Michael Terpin is offering Las Vegas companies that are interested in meeting with media during CES at his event called TechDebut (Formerly known as StartupDebut).

TechDebut during CES
I’ve been to TechDebut every year for a lot of years and Michael and his team always put on a good event. Although, this time they’re making it even easier for CES press to attend the event. Instead of having to shuttle the press over to TechDebut, they’re now holding TechDebut in the suites at Four Seasons. That’s a short walk from Mandalay Bay where a lot of press take part in the official press opening to CES.

For tech companies, they have a tabletop option and a standalone suite option (where you can stay the night as well) where you can feature your company. Like he’s done before, Michael’s offering a discount to Las Vegas tech companies. For all the details, just reach out to them on their contact page and mention that you’re a local Las Vegas tech company.

If you’re not a Las Vegas based company, you can still participate in TechDebut. It’s a great way to get access to a wide variety of CES press. Plus, you get a night in a suite at the Four Seasons hotel which you can use during CES.

CES Party List Party
Another mainstay during CES for the Las Vegas tech community is the CES Party List Party that Michael hosts at his home together with Startup Grind Las Vegas. Be sure to check out the CES Party List for all the various CES parties and come to the event for it on January 9, 2016 from 6-9 PM (although, the party never stops at 9). This marks the return of Startup Grind Las Vegas where you’ll get to meet Joel Comm, author, speaker, Twitter guru and inventor of the “iFart” app.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the various CES events. If you have other events people in the Las Vegas startup community should know about, let us know in the comments.