FundingPost Pitch Event @ Innevation Center

Hey #VegasTech community (especially early stage companies). FundingPost, a nationwide organization that connects investors and entrpreneurs, is hosting an event at The Innevation Center on March 3, from 10am to 4:30pm. If the FundingPost name sounds familiar, they ran a few events in Las Vegas a while back. They are now operating under a new regional director, Scott Kelly, and plan to run several events this year.

Scott and I had a chance to connect at CES, and I was able to learn more about FundingPost and their approach. While the event does charge an admission fee, I learned that they do not profit from this fee, but merely use it to subsidize travel for the investors they bring in. Given the size of the Vegas market and the number of local investors, I think we can all understand how important it is to expose our local tech companies to outside investors.

The event will be a fantastic opportunity to solidify and test out elevator pitches, network with more than 100 entrepreneurs and investors, and find out what it takes to raise capital for early stage companies.

Regional Manager of FundingPost, Scott Kelly, commented, “We are thrilled to host this event at the Innevation Center. Nevada has a great entrepreneur ecosystem and we look forward to showcasing many of the state’s best companies to investors from throughout the country.”

Like all FundingPost events, the Las Vegas roundtable is expected to not only sell out, but also lead to many success stories. The significance of the Las Vegas conference is to educate entrepreneurs on raising capital, growing their businesses, and helping the local economy build the companies of the future.

Entrepreneurs, startups, investors can register online via

For more information, please contact Scott directly at