Registration for CES 2018 is Open

We’re a week late posting on the CES Registration opening this year, but we wanted to make sure that our community knew that it was now open. For those not familiar with CES, it’s the largest consumer electronic tradeshow in the world. I believe they cap attendance at 170,000 people and it takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Convention Center, Aria Convention Center, and even uses much of the Manadalay Bay convention center as well. Yes, it basically owns the Las Vegas strip the week of CES.

The pricing this year seems to be the same as past years. However, they’re pushing a number of new conference passes that they don’t talk about the price and deadlines for the Exhibits Plus pass that most people purchase. Not to mention CES trying to push CTIA membership.

As best I can tell, it looks like regular CES registration is going to cost $100 again. Then, on December 19th that’s going to go up to $300 per registration. More or less the same as last year as CES tries to keep out those people who are just browsing and not really there for work. Of course, media are still able to come to CES for free. However, it seems they have set a pretty high bar for what they consider “media”. That means your daddy blog probably won’t qualify even if you write about daddy tech. Unless you’re a really great daddy blogger, but I digress.

As always, if you’re in Las Vegas there will be dozens of opportunities to attend other events that happen during CES but don’t require you have a CES badge. Most of those won’t come out until November or December. We’ll do our best to inform you of some of those options as we get closer.