New $50 Million Private Equity Fund for Nevada Tech and Biotech Companies

The State of Nevada has $50 million for investment in technology and biotechnology companies located in Nevada. This is private equity investment, managed by the newly formed Nevada Capital Investment Corporation (NCIC). Here’s a link to more information about the NCIC.

The inaugural meeting of the NCIC is October 11, 1:30pm at the Grant Sawyer Building, 555 E. Washington ave. Suite 5100, Las Vegas, NV. For Map Click Here Also, here’s the meeting agenda (pdf).

Also, here’s a great message from Chandler from Lucine about the importance of Southern Nevada showing up to the meeting:

If you have a tech or biotech company, it is critical to be at this meeting!

During the legislative hearings last spring, Lucine was the only Southern Nevada company or interested party represented. All of the other companies/parties were from Northern Nevada.

There is a perception that Southern Nevada is neither interested in tech nor capable of building a tech economy. This perception has to be changed. Otherwise, all of the funding will go to Northern Nevada companies. Worse yet, the funding would go to recruiting outside companies rather than our own startups.

We have a burgeoning tech sector in Southern Nevada. We need to show NCIC we mean business. Millions of dollars are at stake. Be there, spread the word. Let’s fill the conference room.

The other reason is that they have $50 million to invest in technology and bio-tech companies. Let’s make sure that #vegastech is well represented in that investment.