Las Vegas Startup The Influential Network Launches at Coachella

A new Las Vegas company called The Influential Network is launching with a bang during Coachella. They’ll be hosting a venue called The Influential House where they’ll have some of the biggest and most notable social media personalities. Plus, they’ll have celebrities like Christina Millian, Paris Hilton, and Crystal Hefner as well.

Here’s the full description of The Influential Network:

The Influential Network is one of the largest Twitter and Instagram Network in the world. With over 20 Million followers across dozens of accounts that the company owns and manages, and a proprietary platform with thousands of top influencers, The Influential Network does campaigns for Fortune 500 companies that reach hundreds of millions of people, and organically start worldwide trending topics.

The Influential Network is the platform FOR Influencers, BY Influencers. The Influential Network provides premium accounts the ability to monetize their influence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more. Influencers can now get paid to share the content that their audience craves.

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