More Vegas Tech Jobs

In my previous post about Vegas Tech jobs, I asked if there were other Vegas Tech companies that were looking to hire people. Turns out there are quite a few jobs out there for those looking for work in Vegas Tech. Plus, there are a few Vegas Tech job boards in the works. Until those job boards launch, here are the jobs I was told about in response to my previous post.
Roll Tech Bowling sent me the following job description. I believe this is the first time it’s been posted online, because they really want to get someone from the Vegas Tech Community. Here’s the short job description:

.Net or Grails Developer
RollTech Bowling is a seed funded Vegas Tech startup company that plans to take bowling to a really special place. We’re going to capitalize on people’s loves of bowling, statistics and competition and make it as addicting as Angry Birds. We’ve already got a really strong team in place to make this happen, but we’re missing a killer (preferably LOCAL) programmer who knows .Net or Grails and is great at working their way through an API.

This is currently a part time position to build out our prototype and we have flexible compensation options that could potentially include equity. Offices will be based in downtown Las Vegas beginning 4/25. Once we launch our beta we’ll be pursuing a Series A round of funding and would be able to consider a full time founding level position in the company.

Email Rich Belsky if you’re interested in working for an exciting startup company that plans to be an integral part of Vegas Tech.

If you’ve never heard of Uber, you should check them out. While the company wasn’t started in Las Vegas, I’m really happy that they’re bringing their “Private Driver” service to Las Vegas. I was in Boston when they launched Boston by giving free rides to all the Tech Prom attendees (which is a pretty crazy event). I hope they do something similarly cool in Las Vegas. Plus, I’m glad to see that they’re looking to hire a number of positions in Las Vegas as well. Here are the Las Vegas jobs they have listed:
1) General Manager – Las Vegas
2) Community Manager – Las Vegas
3) Driver Ops/Logistics – Las Vegas
You can find more details on these jobs at the Uber Jobs page.

Love Clients
Love Clients is hiring 3 Search Marketing Executive positions. Looks like a really interesting company with passion for search engine marketing, so if you have that same passion check them out.