Keyport Launches Their 3.0 Product on Kickstarter at #CES2016

One of the first companies that reached out to us when we started was a company called Keyport. They have a nifty keychain solution that would take a massive key chain and turn it into a much more functional, small device. They’re continuing to iterate on their product and have created an entirely modular design that incorporates a lot of the feedback that previous customers have provided.

Keyport’s 3.0 design just landed on Kickstarter and only a few hours in they already have 432 backers and have raised $27,531 of their goal. Check out their Kickstarter video below for more info:

I also love this image which illustrates how multi functional the Keyport has become:
Keyport - Kickstarter by Vegas Tech Companies

They’re doing a Kickstarter kick off party tonight (1/8) at 8 PM. Short notice (my fault) but everyone in the community is invited. The event is at the Keyport Headquarters and retail store at: 3155 W Tompkins Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

I love seeing Keyport having all this success. If you want to support their efforts, go and back Keyport on Kickstarter.